Princess Aurora, disguised as a peasant

Aurora, otherwise known as "Sleeping Beauty" and "Briar Rose", is the princess of Elia and is the only daughter and second child of Queen Leah of Elia. She becomes a close friend of Ivory's and aspires to learn magic so that she can play a part in helping the Disneyverse. Her first appearance was in chapter two of the story, which is told from her point of view.

Appearance Edit

Aurora has long, golden hair with curled ends that comes down past her shoulders. She has violet colored eyes, fair skin, and rosy red lips.

In the official dream cast, she is played by actress Dianna Agron.

Role in the Story Edit

Aurora becomes a friend of Ivy's and is involved in a curse which has affected her mother. She aspires to learn magic, wanting to be able to defend herself against Maleficent and not have other people protect her, and Ivy's appearance in the Disneyverse inspires her to start taking lessons from The Blue Fairy.


Dianna Agron, who plays Aurora in the official dream cast

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Parents Edit

Aurora and her parents, Queen Leah of Elia and King Stefen of Elia, are very close. Whenever Aurora is distressed or upset, she goes to her mother for guidance, which is clearly shown in the story.


Siblings Edit

Aurora's only sibling is Walt Disney. The two have never met each other, considering that Walt disappeared a few months before Aurora was born.

Relatives Edit

Aurora's family tree is quite messy- she has relatives from all across the Disneyverse. She claims that she has a few relatives who she hasn't even met yet, but tries to travel as much as she can to meet them.

She is close with her cousins, Elsa and Anna, from Arendelle. She has visited them often and shares many of the same interests with them (such as a love of chocolate). She is also close with Princess Rapunzel of Corona and Princess Merida of Scotland, two of her other cousins.

However, she recently met Ivory, her niece, and is beginning to strengthen her bond with Walt's daughter. The two communicate often and can confide in each other


Aurora and her husband, Philip

Romantic Interests Edit

Aurora's true love is Prince Philip, who she met in the woods one day. The two were married in the second chapter of the story and are very happy together. They share "one of the strongest bonds in the Disneyverse", as said by The Blue Fairy.

Friends Edit

Aurora is close with quite a few people from other kingdoms, such as Mulan and Tinkerbell.

Aurora is also very fond of The Blue Fairy, who acts like a second mother to her. Aurora goes to Odelia for guidance and insight, and relies on her for assistance in dangerous times.