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"The Twisted Chain" is a popular Disney fanfiction that can be found on The story follows Ivory, a reckless teen girl from the sleepy town of Magnolia, Florida, who discovers that she is the daughter of Walt Disney, the powerful creator of the Disneyverse, and Maleficent, the mistress of all evil. Ivory must change everything that she thinks she knows about her friends, family, and lovers in order to live the life that she was destined to live. Of course, as the title suggests, there are twists at every corner...

The Twisted Chain was first posted to wattpad in early 2014, and, so far, has over twenty thousand reads and a growing fanbase.


The cover of "The Twisted Chain", the first book in the series.

Read about Ivory's adventures here.

Characters Edit

An alphabetized list of all of the characters that make an appearance in the series, from the purehearted Blue Fairy to the Mistress of All Evil, Maleficent.

Kingdoms Edit

The kingdoms in the Disneyverse, each with their own rulers, backstories, and unique customs.

Dream Cast Edit

The official dream cast, created by the author of The Twisted Chain.

Legends Edit

Each of the legends told in the story.

About the Author Edit

Get to know the author, Leslie, and how she came up with the idea for this story.

Latest activityEdit

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